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Number Fever fanzine #1

I'm a bit interested in physics and cosmology and the result of this orientation is a mathzine (matekzine), Number Fever. It's made in cooperation with Petra Lilla Marjai who also participated in Zina and Ukmukfukk zinefeszt (see more at, petralillamarjai @ Number Fever is a kind of documentary, containing interesting facts about math issues, cosmology, or just nice compositions related to numbers in general. The purpose of NF is the representation and popularization of mathematics and the wonderful world of numbers. The first issue deals with basic numbers, the second one will explain formulas and sequences, the third will be based on the book "Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape The Universe" in comics format.

Number Fever #1

Number Fever fanzine #1

The debut issue of this exciting mathzine represents us famous numbers like Pi, e, Fibonacchi, etc. plus explains some facts related to complex numbers, history of zero and the anthropic theory. Besides the documentations the emphasis is on aesthetic, the zine is cut and paste composed, released in square format in two languages.
Parameters: English and Hungarian versions, 148x148 cm, b/w, 28 yellow pages, sprayed cover (so every copy is different from each other). For now only Hungarian copies left.
500 ft/2Euro

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Number Fever fanzine #1Number Fever fanzine #1Number Fever fanzine #1Number Fever fanzine #1