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This is the official website of Posthuman Productions.

Posthuman Productions is a label releasing various fanzines and cassettes. There is only one guy (David Kudri) behind PH Prod. In this way, I can express and spread my limitless creativity and endless thirst for doing something new. About the audio tapes released by me see the Music menu. Posthuman Productions releasesThese are my actually running and available publications: Number Fever, Maschinensturm, Posthuman, Zsörtölődjünk!, B-612. About my older and sold-out publications (#likeohneclick, Arch Vile, Szakértői Vélemény, Kuato Lives, Provokatőr, 2012 - Kézikönyv, Propaganda és népnevelés a Szomszédok teleregényben) see Archives menu. For actual distro-list check Distro. For some anarcho-primitivist translations visit


Number Fever t-shirt

Last year I released Number Fever #3 fanzine with some gorgeous graphics, here's a shirt design for two pictures taken from the fanzine. These are self-made graphics with pen, the concept comes from the Scrödinger's cat experiment, so obviously both of them are expressing the weird state of cat-superposition, super cuteness guaranteed!
There are two kind of designs, the "red cat" and "black cat", both available in male and female type, in M-L-XL size, white and gray shirt.


Number Fever bag

Bag from the same design. For more details and nice pictures see Shirt section.

Unabomber magyarul honlap

Theodore J. Kaczynski anarcho-primitivista vagy neo-luddita szerző magyarra fordított írásai megtalálhatóak az weboldalon. Folyamatosan feltöltésre kerül Kaczynski többi esszéje, és várhatóan a komplett Technological Slavery kötet fordítása is.

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Cs Generáció perzine/comix (202...)

Number Fever #4

Zsörtölődjünk! #4