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This is the official website of Posthuman Productions.

Posthuman Productions is a label of mine, releasing various fanzines and cassettes. There is only me (David Kudri) behind PH Prod. In this way, I can express and spread my limitless creativity and endless thirst for doing something new. About the tapes released by me see the Music menu. Posthuman Productions releasesAbout my actual publications: Number Fever, Maschinensturm, Posthuman, Arch Vile, B-612. About my older and sold-out publications (#likeohneclick, Kuato Lives, Provokatőr, 2012 - Kézikönyv, Propaganda és népnevelés a Szomszédok teleregényben) see Early zines menu. For actual distro-list check Contact/Distro. For some anarcho-primitivist translations visit

Grind Makes Sludge compilation!!!!

Grind Makes Sludge tape

The best Posthuman release ever in cooperation with Sekac Records and Ice 9 Crew. 6 grindcore bands play one faast and slow songs exclusively for this compilation. Purple cassettes packed in special box set, click here for more details!!!!

Youth Violence Diszkográfia tape/fanzine!

Youth Violence discography

Powerviolence-hardcore band Youth Violence unfortunately went apart, a discography tape and fanzine keeps their memory. Total DIY shit. Check it out at Music menu. In cooperation with Disparo Desire.

Unabomber magyarul honlap

Theodore J. Kaczynski anarcho-primitivista vagy neo-luddita szerző magyarra fordított írásai megtalálhatóak az weboldalon. Folyamatosan feltöltésre kerül Kaczynski többi esszéje, és várhatóan a komplett Technological Slavery kötet fordítása is.

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Future plans:

Number Fever #3 (2018.)

Cs Generáció perzine/comix (201...)

Arch Vile #5 (2019)